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AirSport Altitude Alerters
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Models Prices
AirSport PRO/VFD $899 $599 SOLD OUT
AirSport IFR/VFD $799 $533 SOLD OUT
AirSport IFR/LCD $699 $466 SOLD OUT

AirSport Altitude Alerters come complete with 14/28v Cigarette Lighter Cord,
110v Charger, Audio Cord, Velcro, User's Manual, and protective Carrying Case.

Altitude Alerter Shipping Method
Free Ground Shipping for Fedex Ground or USPS Priority Mail. Upgrades Available.
Fedex Ground

USPS Priority Mail

Fedex Express Saver Upgrade

Fedex 2-Day Air Upgrade

Fedex Overnight Air Upgrade

International Upgrade
3-5 days

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1 day (Add $50.00)

3-10 Days (Add $40.00)
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Accessories and Replacement Parts
(All Accessories are shipped via USPS Priority Mail for a charge of $5.00)
(International rates will be be determined)

*We are no longer going to stock purchased items in our inventory.
For those items you will find links to the items and distributors we purchase them from.*

Accessories Part No. Prices
PRO Manual Airsport PRO Manual in .pdf format: $10 SOLD OUT
IFR/VFD Manual 81-0302 $10
IFR/LCD Manual 81-0300 $10
Battery Installation Instructions:
Cigarette Lighter Cord
Audio Cord 84-0200 $14
Carrying Case 74-0006 $29
Case 74-0004 $29
VFD Upgrade 84-1400 $149

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